Thursday, July 29, 2010

Update from Mohale's Hoek, Lesotho

Andrew and I are doing really well, enjoying our time in Lesotho so much that we have decided to stay for the remainder of our time in South Africa. Our host, Sister Juliana, was extremely happy with our decision to stay as she needs the help and we have a 4x4 vehicle to transport food, people and whatever else will fit into the truck up into the mountains and surrounding villages. We gave out the clothing we bought with some money sent from family and friends, and the orphans were very appreciative.  Some kids were literally wearing rags and had no shoes. The orphans are great to work with, but it is heartbreaking to know that they have no families whatsoever, many of them living alone and all under 19 the youngest being 5.  Andrew plays soccer with the boys once a day, and they LOVE him.  Over the weekend we picked up a 16 year old girl who gave birth (she delivered her own baby alone in a 8x8’ shack with a dirt floor with no water or electricity) to a baby boy and she herself is an orphan.  The baby is healthy and very cute, I get to hold him here and there.  She is now living next door to us along with another 13 year-old orphan who comes over to eat with us and play games.  Andrew and I have a nice little apartment, with electricity and water at times, otherwise we get it from a tap outside just like everyone else.  We cook for ourselves and have visitors join us when they feel like it. We are eating well, the local grocery store has a good selection of things, and we get a lot of produce from the community gardens and we even have Maluti BEER!!!   Lesotho is full of very nice people and we feel very much at home.  We are trying to learn the language, but are lucky that most people speak English and are happy to practice with us.  Sister Juliana has done an amazing job with educating and helping those that are HIV positive.  She also cares for orphans that are a result of parents dying from AIDS.  It is all very eye-opening, and we have a greater appreciation for all that we have.

West of Sani Top, Lesotho

Early Morning, Home Sweet Home

Sorting Maize in the Mountains

Sr. Juliana admires the orphans' drawings


  1. do you get tired of hearing how cool you both are? amazing work you are doing. i wish i could help. xoxo

  2. Hi,
    I'm an RPCV (Returned Peace Corps Volunteer) who served with the Ministry of Education ECCD Unit in Mohale's Hoek from 2004-2006. My friends Zoe Malley and Julie Stifter lived in your apartment while I was there. Zoe worked with Sister Juliana and Julie was a youth volunteer and worked with the Triple P youth group primarily. Thanks for the work you're doing there. I remember Mohale's Hoek and the beautiful Basotho friends I made there as well as those who passed away and those who continue to suffer. I left a big chunk of my heart there. God bless you and your work.
    Tammy Benabides
    Known in Mohale's Hoek as 'M'e Lerato Lefoka
    Sala hamonate

  3. Its sad to learn about the conditions that some are forced to live in and how lucky the hand we have all been dealt. im glad you guys have found some meaningful work to do. i know its hard to quantify, but i'm sure you are making a big difference in people's lives (and maybe opening your own eyes a bit). i look forward to seeing you guys in a month or so. take care.